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When You Want It Done Right, Hire A Licensed Electrician

Do you have an electrical project that needs to be done? You may think that you can do a simple job yourself, but this is not a good idea. Even though you may be able to save a little money doing the job yourself, electrical work is usually best done by someone who is a licensed electrician. These individuals are trained and skilled in dealing with all types of electrical fixtures and connections. When working with electricity, even one small mistake can cause all the fuses to blow and even burn down your home.

When you have an electrical problem, calling an electrician can save you both time and money. No matter what the issue, from a new electrical outlet to hooking up a new appliance, it is always best to hire an electrician.

Benefits Of Hiring Someone Licensed

Hiring an electrician provides you the security of knowing the job will be done correctly the first time and without property damage or personal injury. Electricians will know which permits must be obtained and will work with the city or county inspector to ensure the job meets all requirements. Someone licensed to perform electrical work will also have a surety bond which ensures the electrical contractor will finish the job they start. If they do not, the surety bond covers any losses you might incur from the incomplete project work.

Why A License Is Important

When electricians are trained and licensed, they have undergone at least 10,000 hours of on-the-job training along with several years of education and class work. The apprenticeship for Electricians is one of the longest in all the trades. During this training, electricians are taught to work safely with all electrical systems and become knowledgeable of all local and state laws and codes.

Each state or locality may have its building or electrical codes, so it is important to hire an electrician who is familiar with your area. The minimum standard for each state is the National Electrical Code. This code is updated every three years. When you hire a licensed electrician, you are hiring someone who knows all the codes and permit requirements for your area

Verifying A License

Just because someone says they have an electrician’s license does not mean they do. There are three pieces of information you can use to verify an electrician’s license. First, ask to see their license. From the license, you can obtain the number, the electrician’s full name and their company name. Using this information you can check with your state or local licensing department to verify the license. Even though each state will have different licensing organizations and requirements, there should be a local licensing department which can verify that an electrician is licensed to do the work you need to be done.

It is also important to ask for a copy of the electrician’s liability insurance. If you have questions, check with the insurance company to verify that the insurance is current.

Hiring a licensed electrician is the best option when you need any electrical work done. Verify the electrician is licensed to work in your area and that they have current liability insurance before hiring them to complete your project.

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